Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor



1.         12.1 inch TFT true color high definition LCD. 

2.         Real-time display the waveform of ECG, SPO2, and Respiration. At the same time, on the screen digital display the data of ECG/Pulse, Temperation, Respiration, SPO2, BP (SYS,DIA,MAP) etc.

3.         Interface color of the waveform can be setup according to the requirement.

4.         Have the freezing and storage function.

5.         Automatically analyzing 20 kinds of arrhythmia waveform.

6.         Can store 256 hours data trends, and have ECG waveform playback function.

7.         Have the drug concentration calculation function.

8.         Can store 700 groups data trends of BP, PR, TEMP, SPO2, RESP when measuring.

9.         Inner recorder is optional, and it can record many waveforms and events.

10.     Three grades sound and light alarm, digital sound volume adjustment.

11.     Anti-defibrillation and anti-high-frequency electrotome, and can be used simultaneously with the pacemaker.

12.     In-car electricity supply systems, AC-DC. Work time of the battery is more than 120  minutes.

13.     EtCO2 and double IBP are optional





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